Facial Treatments

Customize microdermabrasion and micro-channeling with simultaneous infusion of high grade serums and LED therapy for optimum results.

Learn about Dermafrac

What is it?

A three-step process combining either microdermbrasion or microneedling, product infusion and light therapy.  After just one session your skin will glow from the inside, out – instantly

What does it do?

Designed to stimulate collagen production and cell renewal to plump, firm and smooth the skin, Dermafrac can improve the appearance of:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Acne and roseacea;
  • Scarring and stretch marks;
  • Enlarged/clogged pores;
  • Age and sun spots;
  • Flaky, dry skin;
  • Uneven pigmentation.

How does it work?

This technology is similar to laser skin resurfacing, but offers a less intensive treatment, so it’s virtually pain free – and there’s no downtime!

Dermafrac is perfect for moderate skin conditions, or as a ‘top up’ treatment between IPL photorejuvenation or the deeper skin resurfacing treatments, like Clear and Brilliant  or Fraxel.

The first step in the process of your Dermafrac treatment is to work with one of our Paramedical Therapists to determine the appropriate level of the initial microdermabrasion stage, as well as the right infusion treatment and LED frequency to suit your skin condition and concerns. Then, the skin is cleansed and primed, and the microdermabrasion is completed to remove the dead layers of skin cells.

The next step in the process is the micro needling, which creates the tiny channels and injects the serum under the dermis layer of the skin at the same time.   The microneedling process works as follows:

  1. A precision wand is moved across your
  2. precision wand is moved across your skin with light pressure. The roller used on the end of this wand is filled with microscopic needles that create the channels. The wand also has space for a cartridge that contains your chosen serum.
  3. The end of the wand uses vacuum pressure to pull the skin onto the needles. This painless method creates the channels that extend below the epidermis layer. This process creates tension on the skin so there is no pain. It also ensures the needles enter the skin in a uniform pattern for the best results, especially in the delivery of the serum.
  4. These microchannels promote the proper placement of the serums so they can do their job properly.
  5. The needles are placed at a depth that enters just below the dermis layer but stops before the nerve endings and capillaries to ensure no pain or bleeding.

The LED therapy is used for four to six minutes after the serum is applied.

What to expect:

*SPA SECRET* Dermafrac allows you to see improvement in as little as just one treatment!

If you wish to retain those benefits, a series of six treatments is recommended, so you will experience more even, smoother, fuller skin.  The treatment takes around 45 minutes for a full face session.

The scar tissue of raised scars will also be reduced. Any depressed scars, such as acne scars, will be more difficult to see because of the increased production of collagen.

Things to note: Minor irritation may occur if you use certain skin care products immediately after your Dermafrac treatment. The use of retinoid and/or Vitamin A products is recommended one week post your Dermafrac treatment.


Dermafrac Infused Microneedling
$185/30 Min.

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Dermafrac Infused Micrdermabrasion
$165/30 Min.

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Dermafrac Microneedling Combo Facial
$225/50 Min.
This treatment includes Microneedling and a Chemical Peel
Dermafrac Microneedling Trio Facial
$275/50 Min.
This treatment includes Microneedling, Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peel

Vital Organic Facial
$125/$155 30/50 Min.
Using only the finest organic and potent plant-based ingredients, this treatment is customized to address any potential skincare concern. Choose from one of the following:
  • Calm Skin: To soothe dry, sensitive skin and rosacea
  • Clear Skin: To clear acne-prone skin
  • Firm Skin: To hydrate and firm tired-looking skin
  • Bright Skin: To combat hyper-pigmentation, scarring, dull skin

Oxygen Ceuticals Facial
$125/$155 30/50 Min.
A oxygen deep cleanse purifies the skin by stimulating its natural defenses. A concentrated blend of plant extracts and amino acids are absorbed into the skin assist in regulating sebum production, eliminate impurities, refine pores and re-balance the skin. The skin is left feeling refreshed, purified and calmed.
Vital Signature Facial
$100/$125 30/50 Min.
​Our facial starts with a mini anti-ageing skin treatment followed by, Microdermabrasion, fruit acid peel, collagen bio mask and finishing off with LED light therapy. This treatment leaves you with younger, smoother, plumper looking skin!
Men's Pore Cleanse Facial
$125/$165 30/50 Min.
Deep cleaning, Microdermabrasion, marine mask to reduce large pores.
Acne Cleanse Facial
$100/$125 30/50 Min.
Great for acne skin a deep pore cleanse, purifies and controls breakouts while preventing new ones from forming. Extraction, fruit Enzyme peel is applied to reduce overly active sebaceous glands, leaving the skin with renewed freshness.
Microdermabrasion Facial
$125/$155 30/50 Min.
This facial features Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and texture including acne scarring. Our Oxygen-vitamin infusion is packed with antioxidants that will leave your skin hydrated, healthy and radiant. Includes deep cleanse, microdermabrasion with Oxygen-vitamin infusion, extractions, massage and hydrating mask.
$125/$155 30/50 Min.
Enjoy a deep back cleansing massage, followed by an exfoliation treatment, extractions, and a purifying mask to effectively treat acne.
$125/$155 30/50 Min.
Our signature Glyderm Medical grade Glycolic acid facial is designed to refresh and renew dehydrated, sun damaged and aged skin while maintaining a healthy skin bed. Immediately post treatment your skin will appear brighter, smoother and softer with no downtime.

Service Upgrades

Upgrade your Facial with any of the following services.

Booster Masks

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LED Treatment

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Milia Skin Extractions

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